The Institute of Sports Business teaches business at the core. Sports businesses need diversity in thought, skills and perspective to succeed. Our mission is to provide the most holistic view, training and impact necessary to drive our industry forward. The Institute focuses on how it all comes together for those who express a desire to build transferable skills, rewarding them with staying power as top candidates for a multitude of roles in an ever-evolving sports landscape.

Services for Job Seekers

In the highly competitive sports job market, career opportunities start with the job application and resume. You can only make a first impression once, so it is critical to be prepared and properly present yourself to an employer. The Institute of Sports Business offers resume writing guidance, helping job seekers develop or polish their resumes. Interview prep services are also available for those looking for third-party guidance on how to hone their interview skills to establish a competitive advantage.

Job seekers are armed with the tools for success, with consultation and services provided by Industry Practitioners, and Sports Business Professors.

The Institute was founded by John Meindl, a distinguished 25 year Sports Industry veteran, he is the Founder and CEO of SPORTSBRANDEDMEDIA and a respected, 16 year Professor of Sports Management . Mr. Meindl currently teaches at Farmingdale State College and Hofstra University.

The Institute provides a number of valuable services to Job Seekers:


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